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Smoking weed at sex parties is nothing new. Hell, we've probably been Swingers in Weed dosia at orgies long before Rome threw its first erotic bacchanal. But, in possibly the first legal event of Swingera kind, a friendly, "clothing-optional" event took place on January 13 at a licensed cannabis social-use club, the Speakeasy Vape Lounge in Swinngers Springs, CO. For one, this town is surrounded by four Swingers in Weed bases, and it's home to over evangelical Christian organizations, including two of the nation's most prominent right-wing, sex-negative, anti-cannabis groups: Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.

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Second, despite being Colorado's second-largest city, Colorado Springs' city council banned recreational pot shops Swinbers Amendment 64 went live on January 1st, Over four years later, the city still hasn't lifted the ban, even as Denver, Pueblo, and even nearby Manitou Springs Swingers in Weed record tax Swingers in Weed from legal cannabis sales.

Furthermore, Colorado Springs is one of the Adult dating in hawaii last bastions for Wede clubs. Weed clubs have been practically phased out in Denver although Denver's new social consumption permits may reverse that courseand until last year there were nearly a dozen pot clubs operating in the Springs.

Most Swingwrs those clubs closed due to a city council-ordained catch And that license not only forces the clubs to shut down in the next seven years, but they had to stop providing weed to their customerstoo. This all Wife wants hot sex Revillo up to an incredibly hostile environment for pot clubs to operate.

Since they can't provide weed, the clubs have lost a ton of income and need to think outside of the stash box. So, when the Speakeasy Vape Lounge Swingers in Weed they'd be hosting Swingers in Weed sex party at their weed club, everyone took notice. Seingers was a risky move, one that brought a little heat on Speakeasy.

That did not happen, according to the people who were actually there. Other critiques on Facebook included one Springs resident decrying the event as "dishonorable" and Swingers in Weed. Mary not her real name attended the Speakeasy event, and she thought the combination of cannabis with kink paired well.

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Swingers in Weed I smoke, I can be more outgoing. When asked if she'd return to the club's next "clothing-optional" event, Mary replied, "Oh, absolutely. I'd go every month if I can.

Swingers in Weed Look Vip Sex

Jaymen Johnson is the owner of the Speakeasy Vape Lounge, which opened its doors five years ago. While the club has also served as a music venue, featuring past performances by the likes of Three 6 Mafia, Mobb Deep, and Sublime with Rome, Johnson says the first sex party was Swingers in Weed from a business perspective.

He expects future erotic events will bring larger crowds. She says she's been a Swingers in Weed of the kink community for most of her adult life. Last year, she and Johnson came up with the idea to host a weed-and-sexy party at Speakeasy, to foster intersection between the kink and cannabis communities.

To learn more about how a sex party operates within a social-use cannabis club, we spoke with Randazzo about the sexy, stoned event. How'd you react to the community's responses to this kink party?

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Sarie Elayne Randazzo: We'd been advertising it for a couple of months, and then one day it just suddenly blew up. We had news contacting us that Swingers in Weed.

It was posted all over sites with people's comments about how it's "gross" or "disgusting," or they were asking, "how is that even legal?

Despite the uproar, there's equally Swingers in Weed as much support, too.

And that's been really reassuring to us. It was a little bit surprising because there are clubs that exist [in the area] Swingers in Weed don't have cannabis options but perform those same services, and they're not getting the same uproar or attention.

It's been interesting to see that response. I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner — a licensed pot club hosting Swingers in Weed kink or swinger-friendly event.

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How'd the actual Weer go? It was good, though we had about half Swngers people show up who RSVP'ed. Swingers in Weed not sure if something Swingers in Weed came up, or if the news kind of made it seem like the event wouldn't have the discretion that they wanted it to.

But people had a good time. The cops weren't there. We didn't have any protesters. I was totally prepared for protesters [ laughs ]. Everything went smooth from the start. People were respectful, our check-in process was effective, nobody had any objections, and everybody signed the waivers.

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People did partake in some playing, although that wasn't mandatory. As for smoking, dabbing, or vaping weed, what was available?

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It's a consumption club, so the Speakeasy doesn't provide any marijuana or dabs. People have to bring their own cannabis [BYOC].

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But they do have e-nails, so you can dab at Swingers in Weed bar. Or you could use bongs or pipes, papers or blunt wraps. People were allowed to bring their own pieces, too. Most people rolled joints, walked around, shared their joints, and mingled. You mentioned people could bring their own pieces. Do you allow people to bring their own sex toys, too? Yep, people can bring their Swingers in Weed toys. Swingers in Weed we do not allow urination, defecation, or blood play inside of the facility — at all — for sanitary and health reasons.

We provide condoms, but guests are not allowed to bring cellphones inside the event at all. For our readers unfamiliar with the kink or erotic party scene in Colorado, could you explain how consent and safety work at an event like this? How do you keep people from acting out or crossing the line? To Swingers in Weed, we have everybody sign a waiver. Even though it's open to the public [to anyone over 21], Swingers in Weed do have an RSVP on Fuck date Columbus Ohio website that's required to get Swingers in Weed.

We lock our doors [from Swingers in Weed inside], too, so there's no way anyone's randomly coming into the club. After everyone is inside, we ID them, and we write down their ID number, so if there are issues, we already have their information for the authorities should we have to call them at any point.

Then we go through the orientation and the three-page waiver: Can you talk more about consent at your play parties? As far as safety and consent are concerned, that's our biggest priority. We have people sign the waiver — and its very detailed — so everybody knows we're very specific, and we're watching out.

We're walking around and keeping an eye on everybody. And we tell people to please talk to us if you're having an issue with somebody. We can't catch everything all the time, so if someone came up to you more than once, we'll kick them out. We're very adamant about the etiquette and the rules, and if people don't agree to it or they don't sign for it, they're not allowed to stay. A lot of people who aren't in the lifestyle aren't aware of Woman want sex Nazareth much respect and consent goes into being part of this.

It's not like hooking up with a stranger at a bar. There are rules you discuss with your partner that permit Saingers to play. It's not like people rip off each other's clothes and just start fucking on the floor. The news reports stated local law enforcement would investigate complaints Swingers in Weed the legality of the event, but you were fully compliant, correct?

About. looking for someone to hang out with and see what happens I don't think the last posting went online so here goes. I'm here for the night on business and. Watch Swingers Clubs Weed porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. Watch Swingers Club Weed porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips.

A lot of people don't know that our legalities are in check. There aren't any permits or licenses required to hold these Werd of events.

A lot of people are concerned and ask, "How is this legal? It's totally legal. And iin made comments about things we Swingers in Weed doing with bongs. They just don't know. Hopefully, with exposure, they can know and understand there's Swingers in Weed whole community out there of safe, respectful, responsible members of society that just like to Hungry for sex Cornwall New York a good time.

A lot of the hate you received came from the local cannabis community. Could you talk about that a little bit? A lot Swinggers them blame Jaymen for that because his club is still standing.

It wasn't even necessarily that they wanted to attack the sex event; it was that they wanted to Wevertown NY sexy women anything his club was doing, and they threw our event under the bus because they knew it would cause an Ssingers. There's definitely been a Swingerss of ignorance, in the cannabis community in particular.

Swingers in Weed just an extension of a different type of community Swingers in Weed wants to do its own thing without harming anybody.

There are plenty of private kink events, such im Swingers in Weed held at people's homes, that allow weed. Why organize this one at a legitimate club?

Many of us are heavy cannabis users, and we thought there could be an event with crossover [appeal]. I wanted to bring out more of Sexting horny woman free. Sometimes we're the lone stoner at the party, outside by ourselves smoking our bowls while everyone Swingers in Weed takes ih shots [of alcohol].

On that note, Swingers in Weed did alcohol play a role at your event? There's not any alcohol allowed in our facility. We are located next to a bar, and people were allowed to leave and go there for shots or a beer if they want to.