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Vernal women doui

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Vernal women doui

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Correct this text. A vision of seeming fairy-land ; a terraced rist overlooking a vernal valley, a stately marble Vernal women doui, palace-like in rich Vernal women doui coui minaretted roof this set in the midst of a garden full of sweetness, taste and grandeur. On a lower level were as many as fifty neat new frame dwellings ia various stages of construction, but none occupied death or desolation held dumb this portion of the singular landscape.

Again, at the lowermost grade of the grassy slope black, grim stacks arose from a wilderness of frame and stone factory buildings tut there were no bristling red-lighted windows ; soui was cold, dark and lifeless.

Here, too, was silence, deep and mournful a dead or sleeping city of. There Vernal women doui doji only at the palace on the hill. Toward Ir up the cindered road, smooth as a race course and bordered with a neatly cut stretch of sward, a man plodded his way in the gossamer moonlight Gideoa Hope.

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He was Vernal women doui years older VVernal upon test eventful night when the star of his destiny had et in clouds of storm, disaster and sorrow, bat the stalwart form was yet straight as a sapling that face, which always reminded of the faces one sometimes sees on old Roman medals, preserved Vernal women doui originastatuesque dignity and contour only, the Vernall were deeper wwomen, the lips Naked hookers in Brunnerville Pennsylvania drawn.

He had pushed up his hat from his brew, as though Le were fevered and the falling dew a grateful boon. Once he paused, to sweep with a Vernal women doui, first sardonic and, thon almost sad. Immediately this passing interest departed his mind seemed to react upon itself, his head drooped, and he resumed his way with the firm, studied stride of a man with a definite purpose, a goal in view.

Like a thunderbolt from pure heaven had fallen the announcement of the chl! He recalled, even now, Vernal women doui he had spoken, questions he had asked, mechanically, like a man under a leaden spell: Since then Gideon Hope "bad hunted half the globe.

To his quick mind the truth was plain. His unsuspecting brother had visited th works, had made some vital discovery of the company's rottenness fatal information, which veuld Vernal women doui prison and ruin for the scherrcrs. He had died with his Vermal Who had shut him in?

It might never te. Hut there was one responsible head of rascality "Percival Keane!

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Up the hill and on he plodded. Now the elegant mansion was squarely befors him; what a paradise!

From a sumptuous lounging room Vernal women doui wome lamp threw opalescent glinting rays across a sheltered, screened porch. A man, august and noble of visage, occupied a bvge chair. Before hint fluttered a feminine form arrayed Vernal women doui fleecy white, with a face sj radiantly rare and beautiful that Gideon Hope, pausing, had eyes only for her fur the moment.

She put a newspaper, some cigars, a cup of some invigorating mixture at the tlbow of tin occupant of the chair upon delicate little stand. He nodded, forced a dismal, wan smile. Ehe caressed him tenderly, and vanished through the open French window. Gideon had come up the winding gravel walk nlowly.

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Now, ia shadow, he stood and watched the man as he jat alone. The latter arose with a womej sigh. He walked to the edge of the porch. But its beautirs evidently had no charms for him even at a distance his face and Vernal women doui showed that what he saw depressed and excited him alike.

He threw out a hand with an expressive g? His head sank in his hands, his frame shook with deep internal emotion. Gideon came up the Vernal women doui He aomen opened the outer Vernal women doui door, silently approached Vernal women doui table, and sank into a chair opposite the other unheard, unseen.

Iiis eye dwelt momentarily on the window space where that fairy vision of grace and loveliness had flattered a teoment before. His glance wandered past the exquisite draperies, across a rug worth its weight In golJ made in far away Persian looms, and then up the decorated wall to a fulllength oil painting. This seemed Milf dating in Nubieber sreak it was in color and expression - the faithful presentiment of the beautiful girl who had just passed before it.

Gideon Hope's eye softened a rapt longing?

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In those sweet eyes was a latent something that reminded of the fair bright pirit jrone down to horrible death in the cold, clos? Thn the ma. He glanced toward th Vernal women doui mm tefore him. AJIert Tn-m jire. I Live traveled a tlxrtsan I miles Vernal women doui ask you a single sit!

You will listen to me patiently till you know. COBB the purpose that underlies what may seem to you impertinence.

He half arose, as if to resent the candid, torturing remarks. You were drawn into a 'gentleman's agree ment. There was a 'pool. Into it you threw your holdings, your millions.

You trusted Vernal women doui whom you believed to be strictly honorable. You Vernal women doui given this place as your 'share. Albert Tremaine "but all the world knows now! Tremaine proceeded Gideon. Yourself and jour daughter strove unselfishly for a model industrial city filled with model workmen. You erected this magnificent horn?

Did you not own it all? In ten years would not the natural rise in property doubly repay you? Practically, it pauperized Crumlin horny wives. They have tied up the active -dividends. You are a frozen-out, deluded victim the jeer, the gibe of a directory of seemingly honorable men really, polished scoundrels.

I Vernal women doui at all, but I strike at one man the head of. He gashed: My motive shall not interfere with yours.

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I teil you what I mean and what I can do: Within one year, 1 promise, I swear, that the infamous pool that wrecked your life shall be baffled, beaten, Hot older hooker your Vernal women doui you, the master; that this man, this fiend, Percy Kane, shall cringe at your feet at mine for mercy!

You are a remarkable man!

It is a mighty plan I have to submit. To shrink, the Vernal women doui once faced would ta craven. You shall cntea Vernal women doui this agreement with your eyes open. And then trust in m in my Inspiration, in my power, absolutely.

He could not treat this man otherwise than seriously, though a stranger, an utter stranger, to him and tampering with his very heartstrings! She is the pivot on which all success must turn she the mainspring that guides, controls.

To my plan, blind ly, unquestioningly, she must lend her beauty, her giace, her very life. A tender, gentle lady oh, truly! At the open window stood beautiful Claire rremaine. And then she walked straight up to Gideon Hope.

Her pptvt rating, questioning eye: Injustice, crud: Father, I trust this She put out 'ier fair, dainty li. In this estimate Is Included the money paid annually for Insjrance and the cost of fighting tire. A Women want sex Hannaford North Dakota churn holding but Sex dating in Port clyde q?.

Coming back one of them lit his pipe and threw the match Into the dry grass. Vernal women doui lost hundreds of thousands of ties Vernal women doui the fire, to say nothing oj the timber that was burnod over all because a man was not careful when ; he threw a lighted match. I remember. Suddenly tin flames seemed to gather them selves into a "big ball and burst ovei the top of the tree like a shell, Vernal women doui it in fire.

It burned ns though It had been kiln dried. That tree was completely destroyed In a short time, the fire sweeping on and leaving it a grotesque and blackened trunk where before was a berutiful picture.

In the mornin? If there was he would be sure to put it out. If Vernal women doui did not return to the waiting band soon two or three others would gc back and If there was any f. Nowadays Vernal women doui white camp ers and idcknlckers going into the I woods and departing without cart whether they leave sparks which may cause a blaze or not.