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The findings, available online the week of Feb. The brain runs on sugar, but how the brain uses sugar changes as people grow and age.

Babies and children use some of Women wanting sex St louis md brain fuel in a process called aerobic glycolysis that sustains brain development and maturation. The rest of the sugar is burned to power the day-to-day tasks of thinking and doing. Wantiny adolescents and young adults, a considerable portion of brain sugar also is devoted to aerobic glycolysis, but the fraction drops steadily with age, leveling off at very low amounts by the time people are in their 60s.

But researchers have understood little about how brain metabolism differs between men and women. Wolff Distinguished Professor of Medicine and a professor of radiology, and Andrei Vlassenko, MD, PhDan associate professor of radiology, studied people to figure out how their brains use sugar.

For each person, the researchers determined the fraction of sugar committed to aerobic glycolysis in various regions of the brain. The algorithm yielded brain ages an average of 3. The researchers also performed the analysis in reverse: WWomen women tend to score better than men of the same age on tests of reason, memory and problem solving.

Women wanting sex St louis md, Raichle, Vlassenko and colleagues are now following a cohort of adults over time to see whether people with younger-looking brains are less likely to develop cognitive problems. Gratitude, truth and perseverance: Washington University School of Medicine celebrates the Class of Editors' Picks. May 19, Commencement Gratitude, truth and perseverance: May 15, Wantinh trauma: Addressing mental health needs of 1 million refugees With scarce resources, Patel and Glowinski partner in Bangladesh.

Outlook Magazine. Class Acts.